Fun fact: this is why you see your reflection upside down in a spoon!


Ah, so that’s why!

Things aren’t always what they seem. For example, did you ever notice that when you look at yourself in the hollow side of a spoon, your reflection is upside down? It’s one of those little things you wonder about, but you don’t know the reason behind. Today, we’re going to solve this mystery once and for all!

There’s a reason behind the upside down reflection.

Usually, when you look at a straight surface, your reflection looks back at you in the same straight line. You’ll see yourself with the right side up and the right side down. When you look at a spoon, however, things are a little different. A spoon is concave (it goes inwards), and that’s why you see yourself upside down. Because it is concave, the light is reflected diagonally. The top of the spoon reflects downwards and the bottom reflects upwards. The same goes for left and right: the left side reflects to the right and the right reflects to the left. Because of this way of reflecting, the things on the bottom are shown at the top and vice versa. That’s why you see yourself upside down. Funny, right?

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