After seeing this tip you’ll never have to buy a new floor wiper again! This is genius!

floor wiper

Never throw away this item of clothing again!

Floor wipers are a great invention: with a few sweeps you can clean your floor without having to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner. But those Swiffers can be so expensive!

We admit, we love floor wipers: they make household chores much simpler! Unfortunately, the wipes that go with them aren’t cheap. 80 dry Swiffer floor wipes cost about 13 pounds. If you wipe your floor with a Swiffer wipe every day, that’ll cost you around 60 pounds a year. But what if we told you you’d never have to buy those wipe refills again? All you need for wiping your floor is something you’ve most likely got lying around the house anyway…

Take out your old socks and never throw them out again! They’re super handy to wipe your floor with. Socks made out of terry cloth are especially useful for this tip. And most people have loads of ‘single’ socks lying around anyway. Ideal, right? Take a floor wiper (any brand will do) and an old sock. Wrap the sock around the floor wiper in such a way that the opening is at the top (see picture below). Now you can wipe your floor quickly and effectively!

Fun detail: you can wash the socks and reuse them: so it’s super environmentally friendly as well! And one last tip: spray some all purpose cleaner on the sock before you start wiping; your house will smell extra fresh!

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