Father of 4 children with disabilities is dubbed ‘Britain’s most inspiring single dad’. This is heartwarming!


This is beautiful!

Benjamin Carpenter decided over a decade ago that he didn’t want a relationship, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t want a family. Now, more than 10 years later, he has a loving family and is the father to four children with disabilities. This Morning called him ‘Britain’s most inspiring single dad’ and viewers agreed.

Benjamin is now 33 years old and has adopted four children: Jack (10), Ruby (7), Lily (5) and Joseph (2). Not only is he a single father of four children, his children all have disabilities as well: ‘Jack has autism, Ruby has quite complex needs, too many to list, and Lily is profoundly deaf and Joseph had downs syndrome’. Benjamin says the siblings all have a very good bond with each other and that they are a very loving family. He knew adopting was his way to becoming a parent: ‘Biological children are not the be all and end all’.

Benjamin understands that people might marvel at how he does it all. He explains that he gets loads of help from friends and family, especially from his mother and his friend Janet, who is the children’s carer. It’s clear the children love their dad very much. Jack, the eldest, says: ‘He likes helping me all the time – don’t you daddy.’ Benjamin even says that he would ‘never say never’ to adopting more kids.

Viewers of This Morning fell in love with Benjamin and his family, and praise him for what he has done and continues to do.



We think Benjamin’s story is so inspirational!

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Source: Mirror | Image: Video still This Morning