This is why you should rub peanut butter on your DVDs and CDs

This is how it works

Get out a jar of peanut butter. It needs to be completely smooth, the smoother the better. Rub a layer of the spread onto the scratched part of the DVD. Leave this to sit for about a minute to let it do its thing. Take a soft cloth or a tissue and wipe away the peanut butter.

Why does this work?

The reason this works is that the oil from the peanut butter is sticky and it temporarily fills the scratch up to the surface. This will stop the DVD from faltering and you’ll be able to properly watch the film without any annoying interruptions (from the DVD at least). It’s not a permanent solution, though. Eventually, the scratch will return and you’ll have the same problem again. You can also use toothpaste or Vaseline for this trick.

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Source: Lifehacker | Image: pxhere, photomontage

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