New Zealand couple converts truck into beautiful castle


Who’d ever thought you could make a castle out of a truck?

We regularly come across special, unique houses on the internet. This truck is a good example of that, although it looks pretty normal at first glance. However, when the owners fold it open, you’ll be in for a real surprise! It goes from a small, compact truck to a big castle. And yes, everything you’d want in a regular home can be found in this small truck as well.

What these people have managed to fashion out of their simple truck is unbelievable!

Dream castle

Jola and Justin are from New Zealand originally, but they both have a lot of wanderlust. Together, they’ve seen a lot of parts of the world already. Recently, however, they were starting to feel ready to settle down a little more, partly because of their young son, and they thought it was time to return to New Zealand. They weren’t ready to give up their travelling life entirely yet, though, so together they came up with the idea to convert an old truck into a true dream castle.

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