Homemade, inventive solutions to control the heat in your home

Cheap bed fan

Don’t want to buy an expensive bed fan? Then this homemade tent with a fan is a very good solution as well! Take a look at the video:

Air conditioning

If you don’t have actual air conditioning in your home, you might as well fashion one yourself. All you need is two empty bottles, a bunch of ice cubs and a fan. Fill the bottles with water and ice cubes and then tie them to the back of the fan. Turn on the fan and it’ll spread deliciously cool air throughout the room. Take a look at the video below to see the full instructions:

Cool pillow

Another handy solution for hot, sleepless nights: a cool pillow! Nothing beats a nice, cool pillow as far as we’re concerned, so this is a great solution. You put this special pillow in the fridge during the day and take it out again right before you go to bed. The gel that’s inside it will be nice and cool and it’ll help you sleep like a baby.


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Source: HLN | Images: videostills, YouTube