Handy: you can use nail polish for WAY more than just your nails! Here’s 9 tricks!

nail polish

This just confirms it: you can never own too much nail polish!

Many women own more bottles of nail polish than they can count on the fingers of one hand (or five hands, in some cases). There’s no such thing as just owning one shade of blue, after all. Next time your partner grumbles about your collection, you’ve got an excellent excuse. You can use nail polish for so much more than just sprucing up your nails!

Nail polish is a lot more than just some colored liquid you can use to beautify your nails. It can be a true miracle product, as long as you know what to use it for. We’ve put together a list of a few of the most handy tricks for you!

  1. Prevent discoloration: When you’ve got a beautiful ring or necklace that’s made out of metal, chances are it will eventually discolor. You can prevent this discoloration by applying some transparent polish to the jewelry.
  2. Prevent ladders in pantyhose from getting bigger: Everyone who’s ever worn pantyhose will know that they rip before you know it. Got a ladder in your pantyhose despite being as careful as possible? Quickly apply some transparent polish to the ladder to prevent it from growing any bigger.
  3. Transform bobby pins: Do you want to spruce up your (or your daughter’s) bobby pins? All you need is a bit of nail polish in a bright color. Paint the bobby pins with the polish, let them dry properly and you will have entirely new pins!
  4. Thread a needle: Threading a needle can be a terribly frustrating chore and take a surprising amount of time. But not anymore! Apply some polish to the end of the thread and let it dry. Threading your needle will be the easiest thing in the world now!
  5. Keys: Do you have trouble keeping your keys apart because they all look the same? Paint them with differently colored polishes and you’ll have no trouble with that in the future.
  6. Seal an envelope: Not everyone is comfortable with licking an envelope to seal it. Luckily, you can also very easily seal it with some nail polish.
  7. Pimp your pumps: Do you want to make your pumps or stilettos a bit more exciting? Paint the bottom of the sole in a striking colour. This will have a fun effect when you walk around.
  8. Spruce up the noses of your shoes: Although shoes are usually still fine to wear after a couple of months, you will probably damage the noses – it’s inevitable. Mask the damage by applying some polish (in the same color as the shoes) to the damaged spots.
  9. Combat warts: Don’t feel like going to the doctor with your warts? Try applying some nail polish to them every evening for two or three weeks. Since this will stop the wart from getting any oxygen, it will eventually disappear (and it’s painless).

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image: pxhere