This is why you should give hair from your hairbrush to your plants


Hair from your hairbrush work as a natural fertilizer for all your plants, according to Wired. The reason is because hair contains nitrogen, and this is what plants need to stay alive. Actually, hairs work even better than fertilizer. You probably didn’t expect that.


Becoming the envy of all your plant-loving friends is exciting, but don’t expect this fertilization process to happen quickly. How does it work exactly? Dig a hole in the potting soil, and then plant the tufts of hair from your hairbrush. Make sure your hair hasn’t been dyed recently—you do not want these chemicals in your plants. However, you need to be patient with this process, since it takes about two years for hair to completely break down. Only then will the active substances be released. Patience is a good thing, right?

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Source: FLAIRWired | Image: Unsplash