Car too hot inside? Do not open the windows!

Open windows

We realize it is not very appealing to get into a sweltering car and to leave the windows closed. You can let the car cool slightly by opening the windows before you get in to depart. In that case, open the windows about five minutes before departure. You can also open and close the door a few times to expel the hot air from your car – if you feel like doing this. If the temperature is too high, this may be the last thing you feel like doing. Close the windows (and doors of course) when you are back in the car and turn on the air-conditioning. The air-conditioning also works best in a moving car.

Difference in temperature

When it’s 35 degrees outside, it can be very tempting to turn the air-conditioner to 21 degrees. Is this such a good idea? Unfortunately, it isn’t. The temperature difference should not be more than 8 degrees. In addition, it is better for fuel consumption if the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature does not exceed 5 degrees.

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Source: ThrillistAD | Image: Unsplash