Removing a broken key from a lock without a locksmith? This trick might work!

Saw blade

This method is sure to work. You will need a small saw blade from a jigsaw, like the one in the picture below. If you can, go for a metal saw blade. The blade needs to be very thin with very fine teeth. Use a pair of pliers to cut the saw blade, so the end also has teeth and isn’t smooth. Make sure there’s a large tooth at the end of the blade.

broken key

How does it work

Push the saw blade into the lock with the teeth facing your way. That way, you’ve got something like a little angling rod you can use to angle out the key. Move the saw blade up and down to try and pry out the key. It might take you a few tries, but the broken key will jump right out of the lock.

Fixed it

Did you manage to get the key out of the lock? Great! All you need to do now is pick up a spare key at the neighbour’s or whatever family member or friend has one. Don’t have a spare key? Then the local locksmith will be able to copy the key, but only if the key broke into two clean parts. If that won’t work, there’s nothing left to do but replace the lock…

broken key

Check out 7 more ways to remove your broken key from a lock in this video below:

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Source:  MrHandwerk  Hausmagazin  | Image: videostills

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