These are 12 different things you can do with sandpaper


Sandpaper can come in handy in a lot of different situations

Nearly everyone has a couple of pieces of sandpaper lying about their garage or storage space. You’ve probably had to paint something before, which means you had to sand the object in question beforehand. But did you know sandpaper actually has a lot of other, handy uses besides sanding? For the following 12 tips, you don’t even need to use new paper; you can just reuse a piece!

Have you ever considered using sandpaper for these things?

1. Jars

Keep a piece of sandpaper in one of your kitchen drawers in case you can’t open a glass jar. The rough texture gives you more grip on the lid of the jar, which means you’ll be able to screw it off more easily.

2. Cutting boards

Do you have a wooden cutting board that no longer looks very appealing? If you’ve been using it for a while, grooves caused by knives will have appeared in the wood. Little bits and pieces of food can get left behind here and food products can also discolour the wood. Lightly sand the cutting board with fine sandpaper to make it look as good as new and use a non-toxic type of mineral oil to grease it again.

3. Cast iron

We don’t recommend doing this to your best pots or pans, but if you have a cast-iron pan that’s starting to rust, this trick can be really helpful. Use a bit of sandpaper to sand away the rust. This can also work to remove some unevenness on the surface of the pot or pan.

4. Shoes

Dress shoes often have very smooth bottoms, which can make it easy to slip and slide if you walk around on them. Sand them with a bit of sandpaper to create a bit more grip. This way, you’re less likely to slip and fall down.

5. Lint and fluff

Remove lint and other pieces of fluff from your sweater by rubbing it with a piece of sandpaper. Do make sure you’re rubbing in only one direction. The paper will remove the fluff and your sweater will look as good as new again!

6. Suede

If you’ve got a few small stains on your suede shoes, coat or bag, you can try to rub them out with a piece of sandpaper. Suede has a rough texture, so by lightly rubbing it with the paper, you might be able to remove the stains without damaging the fabric.

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