He pricks a needle into a banana and look what happens next! This trick is super handy!


This needle trick really is very handy!

Bananas are not only very delicious pieces of fruit, they’re also super healthy. Eating two bananas a day can do wonders for your health, for example. But did you ever think of sticking a needle into a banana? Probably not, but you should, because it’s super handy!

After you see this trick, you’ll swear by it!


Whoever thought using a needle would be of such help when it comes to peeling a piece of fruit? The man in the video below did it and the result is pretty amazing. He starts at the top by pricking the needle into the banana and then wiggles it from left to right, through the flesh of the banana. Then, he moves a few centimetres down and repeats the process, right until he’s reached the bottom.

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