This man turned an old school bus into a home and it looks amazing

school bus

Just wait until you see the inside!

Like many of us with him, American Michael Talley was sick of having to pay an exorbitant amount of money in rent each month. He came up with a solution that might have seemed radical, but in the end, it worked like a charm. Talley bought an old school bus at a bargain and renovated this into the perfect home. Since he didn’t have any experience when it came to renovating, this was quite the adventure for Talley. It makes us even more amazed by the result!

Michael Talley’s home on wheels is a sight for sore eyes.

Old school bus

Michael Talley, who is a graphic designer, lives in Austin, Texas. After having to pay 1200 dollars each month for rent and bills for years, he decided that enough was enough and something had to change. Talley went in search of a durable solution for the long term and he found this in the shape of an old school bus. He decided to renovate the bus and to start travelling around with his new home on wheels. That way, he would be able to save a lot of money in the long term.


Talley was in luck because at the time there was a special auction in which 10 old school buses were up for sale. The American seized the opportunity and bought one of the buses for only 2200 dollar. At the start of his big project, he was relatively optimistic because he didn’t know yet how much the renovation was going to cost him. “Ultimately, I chose a school bus because I thought: ‘Hey, four walls and a roof’,” he explained in an interview.

YouTube tutorials

One of the biggest problems Talley encountered was the height of the bus. It was measured at 1.85 metres while Talley himself is almost 2 metres tall. This gave him no other option but to try to lift the roof of the bus. With the help of a lot of YouTube tutorials, the American managed to give the rusty school bus a complete makeover.

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