11 things you should keep in the fridge or freezer besides food


3. Nail polish

Did you know you should actually store nail polish in a cold and dark place? That way, it’ll stay nice for much longer, especially the bright colours. So, just put your favourite nail polish in the fridge and you’ll be able to enjoy it for much longer.

4. Eyeliner

Another tip for the ladies: store your eyeliner in the fridge as well. You’ll notice that when you use it on your eyelids in the morning, it’ll work much beter. The colour will also be more intense, so the black will be proper black.

5. Eye cream

Store your eye cream in the fridge to freshen up your eyes first thing in the morning. The cream will stay nice for longer, and bacteria won’t survive (so you’ve got a smaller chance of getting an eye infection). And you’ll be much more awake in the morning right away. Win win!

6. After sun

Store after sun lotion and aloe vera in the fridge for an extra nice cooling effect after lying in the sun for an afternoon. Even if you haven’t got sunburn, it feels super nice to rub some after sun lotion on your warm skin after a day in the sun.

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