Smart cleaning: you can use dishwasher tablets for these 5 things around the house

dishwasher tablets
You can use dishwasher tablets for more than just your dishwasher

Obviously, you use dishwasher tablets for (what’s in a name) the dishwasher. But did you think you can only use these tablets to get yourself some clean dishes? Then you would be wrong! They’re very handy for all kinds of chores around the house. In other words; it’s a real waste to just use them for the dishwasher.

Who would have thought dishwasher tablets would be so multifunctional?

Deep fryer

One of the most annoying chores we can think of is cleaning our deep fryer. It’s very difficult to remove all of the excess grease on the inside of the fryer. Luckily, a dishwasher tablet can make this task a lot easier. Fill the empty deep fryer about three quarters with warm water and add a dishwasher tablet. Leave the fryer basket in there as well. Turn on the fryer but make sure it doesn’t get any hotter than 90 °C. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. Next, rinse the deep fryer with hot water. Extra tip: chances are that when you’re cleaning the deep fryer, a typical deep frying smell will spread, so we recommend opening a window.


Something a lot of people have trouble with is a cooking smell lingering in their home long after they’ve cooked the specific food in question. This especially happens when you’ve fried some fish or made pancakes. An easy way to get rid of these smells in your home is by using a dishwasher tablet. All you need to do is take a large pot and fill it with a good layer of water. Put it on a low heat and add a dishwasher tablet. The cooking smells will be absorbed by the pot of water and your home will smell fresh once more!

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