Got mosquitos and flies bugging you? With THIS trick they’ll leave your home forever!


This is how you make sure mosquitos won’t enter your home anymore

Mosquitos and flies; nobody likes them. Their perpetual zooming is super annoying and they always land in uncomfortable places. It’s like they’re making a sport out of taunting you. Luckily, there’s a way to keep them out of the house – even if your windows are open.

And the solution is animal friendly as well!


All you need for this trick is a little bit of peppermint oil. Mosquitos, flies and other bugs really don’t like the smell of peppermint. That means that if you put a small bowl with some peppermint oil near a window, they’ll think twice before flying through that smell and into your home. You could also make a mixture of water and a bit of the peppermint oil and put it in a spray bottle. Spraying this around your house will ensure that all insects will disappear. That includes spiders!

Natural enemy

There’s another natural remedy to get rid of mosquitos: a cat. Of course, if you don’t already own a cat, this solution might be a little rigorous. Nevertheless, cats love chasing mosquitos, flies and other flying insects, so your cat will kill them for you without you having to do a thing. Plus, it’s entertaining to watch. What more do you want?

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Bron: Stofzuigerzen | Image: Pixabay