Aha! This is why your cat likes licking your hair


Bathroom buddy

It won’t be the first and also not the last time that you see your cat out of the corner of your eye while you’re walking to the bathroom. Why is your cat so interested in following you in there? Cat expert and behavioral therapist Anneleen Bru says that there’s no real scientific explanation for the phenomenon but there are a few reasons as to why your cat insists on keeping you company when you head to the restroom.


One of the reasons could be that your cat just wants the attention. “Because there’s not much else to do in the restroom besides looking at your phone, your cat is well aware of the fact that they’ve got a bigger chance of getting your attention. So, it makes sense that they’d want to come with you,” the cat expert tells Newsmonkey. But that’s not the only reason.


Cats don’t have a clue about what people do at home. Sometimes they’re cooking and then they start doing dishes. They’re constantly moving around and that can be confusing to your furry friend. If you’re headed to the restroom, your cat knows this behavior and its predictability makes them want to be around you.

The scent

We all know that bathrooms don’t smell like roses after you’ve done your business, that’s for sure. Cats love scents… no matter what they are. For cats, a bathroom is like a Walhalla of scents which is why they follow you in.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Unsplash, Valeria Strogotea, Pexels