US “Skinny House”, less than a meter wide, goes viral on TikTok

skinny house

From the front, the house seems normal, until you look at the house from the side…

On real estate websites, houses often appear different in the photos than they actually are. For example, certain rooms often appear more spacious and lighter than they are in real life. This “optical illusion” certainly applies to this special house in the suburbs of Chicago. From the front it looks like a normal house, but if you look at it from the side, it seems that a whole part of the house is missing.

“Skinny House”

A TikTokker recently filmed an unusual house in Chicago, USA. The boy named the house “Skinny House”, but it is also known as the “Pie House” in the residential area where it is located. The house owes this nickname to its shape. If you look at the house from the left, the house appears very narrow. From the front, the house is a lot wider, so that the living area seems to have the same shape as a piece of cake. Thanks to this video from TikTok user eli.korn, the unique home went viral in no time and was viewed by thousands of people.


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Large in size

First impressions of the house are quite impressive. It looks nice from the front and appears to be a decent size, but then you see the side of the house – it’s super-narrow! It looks like you can’t even stand inside with your arms outstretched. What we are really curious about is, what does the “Skinny House” actually look like on the inside? We also found pictures of that, and believe us, you will be surprised how big the “Skinny House” actually is inside.

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