With these tricks you can easily get rid of moss


This is how to remove moss from the garden and your garden furniture

Moss looks very appealing in a forest, but not in the garden, which is a completely different story. If moss grows in places in your garden where you don’t want it, it can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get rid of moss.

Bothered by moss?

If you are frustrated by moss forming in your lawn, you will notice this very quickly. Moss is a thorn in the side of many lawn enthusiasts. After all, where moss grows, no grass can grow. Moss can spread very quickly and forms a thick layer on the ground. When this happens, moisture can no longer reach the grass roots. All the water remains in the moss and eventually the grass will dry out. Moss will grow if you have too much shade in your garden. After all, moss grows much better in the shade than grass. Moss is more active in the cooler months, so you’ll have to cut the grass shorter in winter. Moss can also indicate that the soil is too acidic.

Prevention is better than cure

To avoid getting moss in your lawn, it’s best to sprinkle chalk (or limestone) at the beginning of the year. Chalk makes the soil less acidic. This gives your lawn every chance to absorb nutrients from the soil. In addition, moss has difficulty growing in a chalk-rich soil. Also fertilize your lawn in the spring to help it grow well. It is also important that you fertilize the grass in dry periods and also mow regularly.

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