Want to prevent silverfish from invading your house? Do so with these tips

Prevention is better than cure, so it is best to ensure that you do not create a pleasant environment for these dirty insects. They like to live under our laminate and parquet floors and only come out at night.


Do this to prevent silverfish:

  • Make sure you avoid moisture as much as possible by ventilating damp rooms and letting clothes dry well before putting them away. If you have a very damp house, use a moisture regulator.
  • Make sure you keep the temperature around 22 degrees. Silverfish are fond of warm places.
  • Discard old paper, and do not leave it exposed for too long. If you do not want to throw it away, store it in sealed containers.
  • Also store potatoes and fruit in dry places. These two things are extremely attractive to these fish.


Has the damage already happened? Then try the following trick: halve a potato and put it in an open plastic bag. Silverfish are fond of starch, so they will flock here in droves. If you have caught a few bugs, close the plastic bag and throw it away.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Wikimedia Commons, Pudding4Brains