Whoops… This woman bought a pop-up Christmas tree and it didn’t quite live up to her expectations!

pop-up Christmas tree

This pop-up Christmas tree doesn’t really match the picture

It sounds super useful: a pop-up Christmas tree – which is a fake tree, of course. No more hassle with tangled lights, broken baubles and falling needles. You take the tree out of the box, fold it open and that’s it: enjoy your tree! At least, that’s the idea. Chloë Jones and her husband thought it was the ideal solution to buy a completely decorated fake tree.

But once they took the tree out of the box they found out they hadn’t gotten what the picture had promised…


The picture on the box looked very promising: a full tree, with pretty lights and beautiful decorations. But when Chloë opened the box, she was sorely disappointed. What came out was a meagerly decorated, bare tree. Via Facebook, 27-year-old Chloë sent the store in question a picture of the tree: “Well, I’m not too sure which one of Santa’s little elves made your Christmas tree and packed it in the box but it would appear that whilst he was making it he forgot to give the poor Christmas tree his steroids! As you can see it looks like it had a hard night on the town.”


Chloë suggested to the store that they might want to update the picture on the box so they wouldn’t be met with too high expectations. Luckily, she was able to laugh about it. A lot. She explains that she was almost 40 weeks pregnant and nearly peed herself laughing so hard. She was allowed to exchange her tree and received a gift card as an apology from the store.

Take a look at the actual pop-up Christmas tree in comparison to the picture on the box: 

pop-up Christmas tree

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Source: Nieuwsblad | Image: Facebook