Have you been putting up your Christmas tree lights wrong? This is the right way to do it

christmas tree lights

This is the best way to up your Christmas tree lights!

Have you put up your Christmas tree already? Ours is already taking up its rightful place in our living room in all its glory. But we were a bit bummed when we found out that we’ve apparently been putting the lights on our Christmas trees all wrong for all these years. If you do it in this special way, your tree will end up even prettier!

You should drape your Christmas tree lights on your tree in this particular way.


There’s a good chance you put the lights on your Christmas tree by draping the string around the tree in a kind of spiral. Most people do this, so it’s not that strange that you do it as well. Unfortunately, you’re not getting everything out of your Christmas tree if you do it this way, designer Francesco Bilotto explains to Housebeautiful.com. According to him, it’s much better to put up the Christmas tree lights vertically. He explains that this way, every part of the tree ends up twinkling, from branch to branch.

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