One Marine can’t wait to see his wife but is shocked once he does.

Big worries

“Once we started having issues with North Korea, I got worried,” Natasha later explains on NBC. “He said goodbye to me. At that moment I became extremely emotional. I wanted to tell him, but I panicked. I managed to stay calm and decided to wait a bit longer.” Due to the dangerous situation the mission will now last 30 more days. But finally, it’s time to come home.


Once Chris’ ship finally made it back to the US, his family was all there to greet him. The young children, dressed as sailors, run up to their father as soon as he steps off the ship. Natasha stays back a bit and hides behind a big “Welcome Back” poster.

Unbelievable discovery

Natasha only put the poster down as Chris walked her way. The sailor hugs his wife and immediately realizes that something is wrong. Rather, he realizes that there’s something different about his wife.

The day the Marine came home happened to be Father’s Day. A great coincidence because this is the first time Chris sees Natasha’s growing belly. She’s pregnant again! The precious moment when Chris realizes she’s expecting was filmed by friends and spread like wildfire online. He and Natasha are expecting a fourth child. For months Natasha hid her pregnant stomach in photos and asked family to keep it a secret from Chris. But her pregnancy isn’t the only thing she kept from him!

Gender reveal party

Besides the welcome home party for Chris, Natasha also organized a gender reveal party. The father doesn’t know yet if he’s getting a son or a daughter. At the party he figures out that his wife is expecting a girl. At this point Natasha is already eight months pregnant. Together with Chris she gets everything ready for the baby to arrive. They also took tons of pictures together to have some memories of the pregnancy.

Closer to each other

According to Natasha, this special surprise brought the couple even closer together. She didn’t want Chris to feel like he was missing out on the pregnancy while on his mission, and she accomplished that. Chris was also happy to get the news in a personal way and not via an email or a phone call. “It was hard but totally worth it in the end” says Natasha.

Their daughter Anara Rose was born in August of 2017. Thankfully, Chris was able to stay at home for a few months with his beautiful family before leaving again. What a beautiful story!

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Source: Soolide / Image: Pexels