This IKEA spice rack only costs 4 dollars, and just look at what you can do with it!

spice rack

Talking about a multifunctional spice rack!

Everybody loves Swedish furniture giant IKEA. In fact, you’ll probably find one or more IKEA fabricated products in most living rooms. No wonder that it is one of the best-visited stores in the whole world!

There are various IKEA items that almost everyone owns, just because they’re functional and inexpensive; do you remember the LACK table? Or what about those popular BEKVAM spice racks? Although most IKEA products are handy as heck, they often lack originality. Luckily, there is a new thing going on called the IKEA Hackers. The whole idea is pretty straightforward; use your IKEA products, but use them differently. Let’s take a look at that same spice rack again…

Upside down: use it as a towel rack!


Spruce it up with some paint and it’s ready to be used as a bookend

Give it some space in the closet and you can use it as your own storage space!

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