These are the things you always put in the dishwasher but really shouldn’t!


You really shouldn’t put these things in the dishwasher!

We love our dishwasher and we couldn’t imagine doing without it ever again. It’s just so much easier to load everything into a machine and let it do the washing for us! Plus, it saves us so much time. But there are some things you should really be cleaning by hand because they could damage the machine or be damaged by it. 

We’ve put together a list of things you shouldn’t be putting in your dishwasher!


Wood is a real no go when it comes to dishwashers. Most people own at least some cutlery made out of wood, like spatulas, spoons or cutting boards. If you put these in a dishwashing machine, they will be exposed to water for quite a long period of time and this will cause them to wear much more quickly.

Copper, tin and aluminium

These are best washed by hand as well. If you put pots or pans made out of these materials in the dishwasher, they’ll lose their colour after only a few washes. That’s just a pity!


Crystal glassware is really pretty but it’s also very vulnerable. It breaks very easily, so if you put it in the dishwashing machine you’ll probably end up having to clean up tiny pieces of glass from the bottom of the machine. It’s both dangerous and a waste of your beautiful crystal glasses!


Putting plastic in the machine might seem completely harmless, but within the machine it’s exposed to hot water for quite some time. This can cause the plastic to change shape. It’s best to wash it by hand!

Dirty dishes

You should always rinse dirty dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher, because the food scraps can cause the drain of the machine to become clogged. You’ll have a much bigger problem on your hands if that happens!

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Image: Wikimedia Commons, Piotrus