Try placing your fan in this specific way if you want to cool down your bedroom


Place your fan like this to get the most use out of it

It’s hot again! Summer is definitely here and while some people thrive in the hot temperatures, others aren’t as fond of it. We like it when the sun is out and everyone’s cheerful and dressed in summer clothes, but we’re less happy with how hot our homes get. Especially at night, this can cause some real frustration and discomfort.

Luckily, a simple fan can help you out with this problem.


Summer can be a ton of fun; the warm weather and the sultry summer nights… But we’re bummed that our homes get so uncomfortably hot as well. Even though things cool off at night, the heat usually remains inside our homes, leaving us with pretty tropical temperatures to sleep in. Of course, you could splurge on expensive air conditioning or you could temporarily find a different place to sleep, but that’s a lot of hassle. Instead, you could simply push the hot air outside and get the cool air inside. And we’ve found a good and simple way to do that!

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