Parents beware: don’t let your children go off slides in hot weather


It can cause serious injuries

Taking your child to the playground seems like a fun, harmless endeavour. The little ones can run wild and enjoy themselves while you keep an eye on them or even play along with them. Yet in this hot weather, the playground can actually be more dangerous than you think. The slide especially has the potential of causing a lot of damage.

Mother Dawna warns other mothers about the dangers of going off slides in hot weather.


During hot weather, slides can cause serious injuries in children. The slide can get so hot that a child could actually end up with burns on their body from going off the slide. Dawna Wright is a mother and she has first-hand experience with this issue. Her four-year-old daughter Asia ended up with second-degree burns after going off a plastic slide. The little girl’s skin burnt straight away and she sustained serious blisters.


Asia’s mother later went back to the slide to check the temperature of the surface. It turned out that the slide had reached a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius! Skin can burn pretty heavily at 45 degrees Celsius already, so 68 degrees is definitely very dangerous.

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