Never Lose Your Keys Again With These Super Simple Lifehacks

You wont ever run the risk of locking yourself outside again

We have collected the easiest, simplest and most effective methods to make sure you never lose your keys again. Locks are a wonderful invention. They make sure nobody gets into your house, besides you and your family. But what if you’ve forgotten your key inside or at work? What if you lost your keys on the way home?

A lot of people store a second key somewhere around the house, as a failsafe incase they lose their original key. But police experts have warned that key could also be found by criminals. So what do you do to make sure your spare key is safely stored? We’ve listed a few tips for you, so you never have to call a locksmith again.

Tip #1 – Use adhesive tape to tape it to a nondescript rock in your yard.

Wow, this is a super simple, yet effective way of hiding your spare key! You simply place the key on a bit of adhesive tape, then tape it to the bottom of a rock in your yard. Make sure to pick one that looks exactly like the rest, so a potential burglar wont know which one to look under. Best thing is: If they find the right key, they’ll lift it and look at the ground. Nobody expects a key to be taped to the bottom of it.

Tip #2 – Use a piece of string

This next tip is extremely useful. Want to know why you should wrap a piece of string around your keys? Find out on the next page!