This couple built a home in an extraordinary submarine

The bright yellow submarine is a unique Bed & Breakfast in the woods

Creative and handy are two words you could use to describe the builders of this home. Using an old grain silo, Keith and Jen of New Zealand created a unique getaway. They turned the silo into a bright yellow submarine with a small residence inside. This peculiar house now lays in a ‘sea of green’: the couple’s backyard. Keith and Jen give us a look into their remarkable hideaway.

Bringing dreams to life

Keith has a technical background and is therefore good with tools. He used and recycled old materials from the silo to turn it into a real submarine. The inspiration? According to him, it came to him from his childhood. The submarine started to take shape step by step and was completed after a year.

Bed & Breakfast

The submarine now lays in ‘sea of green’, Keith and Jen’s wooded backyard. The bright yellow creation can be rented out as a bed & breakfast. “Welcome aboard!” Keith says as he opens the door to the house.

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