See this: this couple built a home in an extraordinary submarine

Beatles and sea monsters

The interior of this house is just as special as the outside. Seeing as it is a yellow submarine, inspired by The Beatles song, there are references to the band throughout. The B&B is also completely in marine style. The sea theme is reflected in the round windows, ship bells, ship steering wheels, an old diving helmet, and many more funny decorations that Keith managed to find at secondhand shops and websites.

Complete residence

Aside from the abundance of decoration, the house is also very practical; there’s a kitchen, a cozy sitting area, a bedroom with big bunkbeds, and a full bathroom. The bathroom can be found on the pointed end of the submarine and there’s even room for a full shower. What’s even more special is that the shower base was made using an old suitcase. By doing this, Keith has proven his ability to use old materials and belongings to give the house a second life.

A big toy

Keith and Jen look back on their distinctive project with contentment. “It was a huge relief to see that everything seemed to work out. We had no idea if everything was going to fit into place”, Keith admits. He’s satisfied with the result. “It feels like I have a giant toy in my backyard. As if I can run back to my youth at any given moment.” Jen also adores what they have accomplished together: “It’s unbelievable to see a yellow submarine in our backyard. It’s so unique, I love it. It’s incredible that we were able to make such a thing.” The submarine is also a hit with B&B guests, young and old. After all, everyone can let their imagination run wild in the submarine: “Kids turn into grownups here and grownups turn back into kids.”

In this video you can a full tour of the submarine house.

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Source: Living Big in a Tiny House / Image: Videostills Living Big in a Tiny House