Got an itch? You might have bedbugs: these are the symptoms


These are the signs you’ve got bedbugs

Bedbugs, yikes! Some areas in the world barely had them before, but because we’re much more adventurous and mobile than we were before, a lot of people take them with them from their travels. The creatures live in the hostel or hotel you’re staying in and travel with you in your suitcase or clothes. Once you’re home again, you lie down in your own bed and before your know it you’ve got yourself a bedbug plague.

We’ve suddenly got an itch…


So, what are they, really, those bedbugs? They’re small, bloodsucking parasites that are about four to twelve millimeters long. They prefer to live in your bed, because it’s nice and toasty there. They nestle themselves in or beneath your mattress and see you as source of nutrition, since they sustain on blood. The bedbug is brown and flat and looks a little like a tick. It can’t fly, but crawls around instead. Yikes!


The bedbug had been out of sight in the United Kingdom for quite some time but now it’s making a pretty big comeback, unfortunately. This is because we go on holiday much more and much further. The bugs travel with you when you go back home and that way end up in your bed. Once you have them, it’s difficult to get rid of them. That’s why it’s important to always wash all of the clothes you took with you on holiday as soon as you get home, even if you didn’t wear them.

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