Retired couple buys abandoned barn and what they find inside is absolutely amazing!


They find a true piece of history inside the barn!

Sometimes you hear a story that sounds too good to be true. This is one of those – but we’re going to tell it to you anyway. A retired couple from New York decided to take a leap and buy an old barn in Portugal. No one had been inside the building since the previous owner passed away, and what the couple found inside is amazing and of great historical value!

They’re very lucky indeed!

26 million

The couple was able to buy the building for hardly any money at all, exactly because of the reason that no one had opened it up in so long. They had no idea that they were buying a pure piece of history. The moment they opened the doors their mouths dropped in surprise. The barn was filled with hundreds of cars, some of which dated back to before the Second World War! BMWs, Mercedes, Aston Martins – they were all there. All of these cars together are said to be worth over 26 million dollars.

Car dealer

We should add a side note to this story, however. Another version of it also circulates around the internet. According to that story, the barn belonged to an old car dealer who put all of the special cars he received inside that very building. When the barn was completely full, he sealed the doors. Apparently, the car dealer told his story anonymously. Despite the anonymity, he got a lot of attention, which he didn’t like or appreciate. The story was removed, but the pictures are still to be found on the internet.

So, these are two different stories and we don’t know which one is the truth. Whichever one you choose to believe, the images are very impressive! Take a look at them in the video below:

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Source: Mirror | Image: video still Youtube