Dirty chopping board? With this trick it’ll be squeaky clean again in no time!

chopping board

With this trick the job will be done in a jiffy!

Although you can buy a new chopping board for no money at all, of course you’d rather keep using the ones you already have. We’re sure a lot of people are familiar with this problem: technically you can still use the board perfectly fine, but it has such an unpleasant smell… That’s not what you want when you’re about to chop your fresh vegetables.

Luckily, there’s a way to freshen up your chopping board in no time at all!


Use lemons to get rid of the nasty smell. When you use a plastic board, the smell of onions and garlic will take longer to really ‘seep’ into the board, but with wooden boards that penetrant smell gets stuck there quite quickly. Cut a lemon in two and rub the chopping board with one of the halves (the open side down). The nasty smell will be gone before you know it.

Baking soda

You can use it for a million and one things: baking soda. Your cookies will come out even better, but you can also use it to clean surfaces with; like your chopping board. Once every so often, use a tablespoon of baking soda to scrub your board with. This will make sure the cutting board will look good for much longer. Plus, it removes the tiniest, most stubborn pieces of grime. Do make sure to thoroughly rinse the board with warm water after cleaning it with the baking soda.


Has your chopping board lost its shine? Then salt is your best friend. It makes sure that your board will become a bit lighter in color again. This goes both for plastic and wooden boards. So, how does it work? Make a solution of salt and water and drench a tea towel in it. Use the tea towel to clean the board.

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Source: Reader’s Digest | Image: Wikimedia Commons, Mmm Daffodils