Once you’ve read this, you’ll NEVER put toilet paper on the toilet seat again! We had no idea!

Toilet paper
It’ll probably sound familiar: you’re on the road and suddenly you have to pee. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a clean and tidy toilet available, which means you’ll have to take a chance on a public toilet. To save what can be saved, you cover the toilet seat with toilet paper. That way, you’ll at least be somewhat protected against bacteria. Nope! By placing toilet paper on the seat, you’re actually attracting more bacteria!

The toilet seat is designed to be as hygienic as possible; bacteria can’t develop very well because of the smooth surface of the seat. Plus, a toilet seat comes into contact with relatively clean buttocks. There aren’t as many bacteria to be found on butts as you might think; they’re usually safely covered by a pair of pants, after all.

Breeding ground
Toilet paper, on the other hand, is a breeding ground for bacteria. The rough surface makes for a pleasant home for bacteria. Besides, everyone touches the same roll of toilet paper with their hands, and your hands are the part of your body covered in bacteria. It’s much better to just sit down on the toilet seat with your bare buttocks.

The video below explains in detail why there’s no need to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper:


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