Is someone having an epileptic seizure? This is what you should do

epileptic seizure

First aid for an epileptic seizure

It can be a very intense experience to see someone having an epileptic seizure. Anyone who has ever experienced it can confirm that you are initially frozen. By following these points, you will know how to act when someone has an epileptic seizure.

Act during an epileptic seizure

There are different types of seizures and multiple stages that a victim goes through. In most cases, first aid is not necessary, as the seizure usually stops after a few minutes. However, dangerous situations can arise during an attack. Therefore, there are a number of actions you can perform as a bystander to help a person having a seizure.

How do you recognize epilepsy?

You can recognize an epileptic seizure when someone has uncontrollable shaking movements with an arm, leg or their head. Shortly after, the person suddenly loses consciousness, lands on the floor and has involuntary muscle spasms. If you recognize these symptoms in someone, you can do something to help the person.

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