Gorgeous: this is what the daughter of ‘Mr Bean’ looks like! What a beauty!


And she is super talented as well!

Taking a look at old pictures and having a blast from the past is fun, but we also like to be amazed by little children all grown up. A good example is the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, the man we all know and love as Mr Bean. She’s grown up into an absolutely beautiful woman!

Lily is not heading down the career path of becoming an actor, like her father.

Celebrities and their children: it’s always fun to look at celeb photos and see how much the offspring looks like their famous parents. In the case of Rowan Atkinson and his daughter Lily we have to admit that she doesn’t look that much like her father. The 21-year-old probably takes more after her mother Sunetra Sastry. In any case, she looks gorgeous!

Singing career
Lily doesn’t aspire to be an actor like her father, even though she did have a couple of roles in her father’s films such as Mr Bean’s Holiday and Johnny English Reborn. The 21-year-old mostly wants to sing, and she appears to be very good at it as well! Take a look at some of her pictures and a video of the singing Lily below!


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