Wow! So THIS is what your sleeping position can say about your health!

On your back

Do you sleep on your back? Then you’re in luck, because this is the most healthy position to sleep in! Sleeping on your back is good for your spine, as it will be aligned nicely. This position causes little strain on the muscles in your back and neck. Moreover, this position is the best for your skin. Your face won’t develop wrinkles and spots as quickly as those who sleep on their side or on their stomach. This position is also good for women, as sleeping on their back will prevent chest wrinkles as well as sagging breasts. The only disadvantage is that it worsens snoring.

On your side

Do you sleep on your side? You’re definitely not the only one, because this is the most common sleeping position. When you sleep on your side you can develop pain in your arms and legs because you’re constantly lying on one side. Sleeping on your right side is also disadvantageous for your digestion and heartburn. An upside: sleeping on your side improves circulation and lessens snoring.

On your stomach

We have bad news for people who sleep on their stomachs. This position is the most unhealthy. You’ll develop neck complaints, since your head is completely turned, and back issues. Your spine has to take on an awkward position, which will also cause you to toss and turn more. Because of this, your sleep will be disrupted more. Also, try sleeping on a full stomach, it won’t be pleasant! It does lessen snoring, though, so you’ve got that going for you.


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