8 tips for couples on how to conceive

5. Strive for a healthy weight

Slim, medium, full-bodied: we think all figures are beautiful, and it is important that you feel comfortable with your own body. Are you trying to get pregnant? Then it may be good to keep an eye on your weight. If a woman is overweight, it can lower her chances of getting pregnant. If a woman is too light, it can actually make her pregnancy more difficult. Again, it’s still possible to fall pregnant if this is the case, but it’s not a given. It is always good to monitor your body weight so that it does not fluctuate too much.

6. Swallow prenatal vitamins

Dr. Pavone advises women to take prenatal vitamins if they want to fall pregnant. It is good to start taking them before you fall pregnant. In this way a woman can find a prenatal vitamin that works best for her and she can continue to take it during pregnancy.

7. Ensure a good sports balance

It is good to follow an intense training program to have a strong body. After all, your body has a lot to sustain during pregnancy. But if the training is too heavy, it can disrupt a woman’s ovulation. Dr. Pavone tells Live Science that women regularly experience menstrual disorders when they train too often and too hard. If they want to become pregnant, they have to adjust their sports schedule.

8. Stop smoking

It is always a good idea to quit smoking. Do you and your partner want to become pregnant? Then we have another reason for you to stop. The chemicals in a cigarette, such as nicotine, can make men and women less fertile.

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Source: Live Science | Image: Unsplash