You’re disrupting your sleep by adding this common ingredient to your food


We never realised this might influence our sleep

When it comes to cooking, we’re big fans of adding some seasoning to our food. Chewing on a piece of broccoli without anything to spruce it up is no fun for anyone. Adding a bit of butter, some nutmeg and a pinch of salt can make a big difference! But you should be careful with salt, because it could influence your night’s rest.

We’re cutting back right away.


A couple of foods are known to mess with your sleep. The caffeine in coffee can keep you up at night and alcohol can also be very disruptive. There aren’t that many people who know that salt can also keep you from a good night’s sleep, though.


Researchers from the Nagasaka University have found out that salt can disrupt your beauty sleep. The explanation actually sounds pretty logical. The researchers stated that people who eat a lot of salt have to pee during the night more often than people who don’t. On average, these people had to get up to go to the bathroom twice as many times as people who don’t eat that much salt. It’s very likely that this has something to do with the fact that salt retains water and that your body wants to get rid of this water during the night. Unfortunately, those of us who go for a nightly pee on a regular basis know how difficult it can be to fall asleep again afterwards. Perhaps eating less salt might be worth a try?

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Source: Healthy Food | Image: Pixabay