6 reasons why garlic is really good for you


Garlic isn’t just very tasty, but also very healthy!

When we’re slaving away in the kitchen, we often add a clove of garlic or two to the dish we’re cooking. Garlic can elevate the flavour of a lot of dishes. Sure, it gives you garlic breath, but that’s a small sacrifice because garlic isn’t just very tasty – it’s also really good for you. Here are some reasons why!

Garlic is full of minerals and vitamins. This bulbous plant contains vitamins A, B, B1, B3, B5, B6 and C, among others. It also contains the minerals manganese, phosphor, copper and calcium.

1. It helps against high blood pressure

Is your blood pressure too high? Add an extra clove of garlic to your dinner. Garlic has a positive effect on your heart and blood vessels. Research conducted by the University of Adelaide shows that garlic can remedy high blood pressure. The blood vessels in the body are said to relax and expand due to garlic, which improves the blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Apparently, garlic can lower your blood pressure with seven to eight per cent.

2. It repels ticks and mosquitos

Both mosquitos and ticks detest the smell of garlic, although scientists have not yet been able to determine why this is the case. Research shows that you’ll be dealing with a lot fewer mosquito bites if you rub some garlic directly onto your skin. It also helps to eat some of it. Researchers had a group of people use a lot of garlic in their food and another group not use it at all. Later on, the tick bites of one group were compared to those of another. The people who’d eaten a lot of garlic over the previous five months had much fewer tick bites than the people who hadn’t eaten any garlic.

3. It is good for your skin

Garlic contains a lot of antioxidants, which have an anti-inflammatory function. Plus, garlic also has anti-bacterial properties, which means it has a disinfectant and healing function. That’s why it’s been said that acne, warts and eczema heal more quickly if you eat a lot of garlic.

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