Rice water might be a quick solution for diarrhea

rice water

Rice water has a positive effect on your bowel movements

There are three certainties in life: one day we are all going to die, tax authorities always know where to find you when you owe them money, and diarrhea never comes at a good time. Let’s elaborate on the last. Of course, if you get diarrhea you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, and we recently heard of a possible remedy: rice water.

The effect of rice

Have you ever eaten too much food during a visit to an All You Can Eat restaurant? Or have you fanatically shoved all kinds of dishes in your mouth when there was rice on the menu? Then you are probably familiar with the effect that rice can have on your intestines: constipation. Usually, being constipated is anything but fun, but in case of diarrhea rice can make a positive difference to your bowel movements.

Rice water

There are various medicines available at the pharmacy that treat diarrhea, but did you know that instead of buying medicines you can simply drink rice water to get better? A German study has discovered that rice water works more effectively against diarrhea than traditional hydrating drinks, including sports drinks.

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