This is how you keep your memory sharp after you turn 50

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When you get older, your memory might decline

As we get older, some of the cognitive functions that we depend on, decline. One of these functions is our memory. And for some people, it can be frightening to experience memory loss. That is why it could be beneficial to work on keeping your memory sharp. And that is what you learn to do with this tip.


You won’t completely stop the decline of your memory. That is just something that comes with old age. Some people will experience a bigger decline than others and some people might not experience any decline at all. But luckily, Communications Medicine showed in recent research that a declining memory is not just related to your genes. You can actively improve your memory by exercising.


Researchers of the University of Pittsburgh looked at the connection between exercise and aging healthily. By comparing different types of research, the scientists found that when you exercise regularly, you can improve your episodic memory. Especially aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that can improve your memory.


Your episodic memory is the part of your memory that focuses on memories related to time and location. For example; all the memories related to your childhood home, your time in college, a vacation you took or a party you attended. These are usually pretty special memories but they’re also the first memories to go when you reach a certain age and your memory starts declining.


But, when you work out three times a week for four months at a time, doing some type of aerobic exercise like swimming, biking, walking or running, you can fight the decline of your memory. Researchers recommend that everyone who is around fifty-five years old, should participate in aerobic exercise to improve their fitness and with that, their memory.

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