Missing bulldog finally reunited with her family

missing bulldog

The dog had been missing for two years

Baya, a French Bulldog that went missing in Galway before Christmas in 2020, has finally been reunited with her family. The bulldog was stolen over two years ago but now she has finally returned. And her family is overjoyed to have her back


A family from Athenry in Co Galway, Ireland, lost their beloved dog in 2020. Right before Christmas, a black Jeep was spotted by the house and left moments later. Afterwards, their dog was gone. The security footage showed the car but any attempts to find it or the driver were fruitless. Their French Bulldog Baya was nowhere to be found. Adam Nawrocki, Baya’s owner, told RTE News that he spend weeks searching for their furry family member. He said: “The children came to us a few days later and told us they didn’t want any toys from Santy that year…Instead, they wanted to get their dog back”.


Two years later, Baya was spotted on a busy road in Dublin. Someone found her and checked her microchip. When Baya got stolen, the Nawrocki family had reported her as lost or stolen. Because of the microchip, the The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was able to track down the family and reunite them with their long lost family member. Nobody knows how Baya ended up on that busy street, but her family is excited to have her back. Justyna Narwocki told RTE News: “After two years, we didn’t have any more hope, but when Adam called me and told me that he got a phone call that we were going to get her back, I couldn’t believe it…The happiness I still feel that she’s back where she belongs … It’s amazing, it’s like a miracle.”

Apparently, Baya is adjusting well to being back home. She still knows where her feeding bowl is and she’s getting along with a new addition to the Narwocki family; Diabolina, the family’s other French Bulldog. Even though Baya isn’t the dog she used to be, Adam Narwocki is confident she’ll be her old self again. He said: “She was a very healthy and active pup. She’s not like that anymore but we’re going to get her back. She’s getting stronger everyday and she’s coming back on the right track”.

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Source: RTE News | Image: Unsplash, Karsten Winegeart