These things can cause your teeth to turn yellow

4. Grinding

Some people grind their teeth in their sleep a bit, and they may not even realize it. It is not only bad for your teeth, but it also causes discoloration. This is because the tooth enamel wears away with each grind. Is grinding your teeth causing you more serious problems? Whether the result of grinding your teeth is yellowing or something more damaging, ask your dentist about options for night guards to prevent grinding.

5. Age

Aging is not always fun, especially not for your teeth. Your tooth enamel diminishes over the years due to chewing and exposure to acidic fluids and foods, which means your teeth will turn yellow sooner. Fortunately, reducing the intake of acidic substances can help preserve the tooth enamel as you age.

6. Too much fluoride

Fluoride in toothpaste promises to ensure white teeth, but too much can have the adverse effect. Too much fluoride can cause yellow spots on your teeth, and you shouldn’t use too much fluoride very quickly either.

7. Medication and antibiotics

Unfortunately, we cannot live without medications and antibiotics, but ingredients in those substances can make your teeth turn yellow sooner. Consult with your doctor about alternatives to certain prescriptions.

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