Do you talk to your pet regularly? It turns out this might be very good for your health


Research shows: talking to your pet could have a lot of great health benefits

We’ll admit it: we regularly have entire conversations with our pets. Granted, these conversations are a bit onesided, but it can be really nice to just air out our feelings to our pets. However, we do only talk to them when there are no other people around. Do you recognise this and do you feel a little embarrassed about talking to your furry friend as well? It turns out that’s completely unnecessary! According to a recent study, it’s very healthy to chat with your pet.

Research has shown that talking to your pet could combat multiple health issues.


Whether you have a dog, a guinea pig or a goldfish, it can be really nice to talk to your pet every now and then. And now research has shown that it is good for your mental health as well! Mars Petcare and Human Animal Bond Research did a study together in which 2036 participated, 1469 of which were pet owners. The researchers discovered that owning and talking to a pet could help to combat multiple health issues.

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