This simple trick could help you fix a broken flip flop

flip flop

You don’t have to throw a broken flip flop in the trash right away

In the summertime, when the weather is fine, we love to walk around on flip flops. You want to be wearing as little as possible when it’s hot so flip flops are the ideal footwear. We often wear them all summer long, even though the pairs we buy are the cheap ones that only cost a couple of euros. It’s inevitable that they break at some point and it always happens at the most unfortunate moment. The strap comes loose and suddenly you’re one shoe short. There’s no need to throw out the broken flip flop, though! You can easily fix it with a very cheap and very simple product.

Your flip flops will be able to come with you for many more miles and all you need is a simple bread clip!

Bread clips

A simple plastic bread clip can be the perfect solution for a lot of different problems. For example, did you know you can easily use a bread clip as a tape marker? Are you familiar with the frustrating problem of losing a tape’s end? It always happens just when you need it. When you fidget with it for a while, you’ll eventually find it again, but that takes a lot of time. This problem will be a thing of the past from now on! Just take a bread clip and stick it to the end of the tape when you’re done with it. That way, you’ll never lose it again and you’ll be done with the frustration. You can find even more handy bread clip tips right here.

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