Do you suffer from heartburn? With these tips it will be fixed in no time

Food diary

If you often suffer from heartburn it is wise to keep a food diary. This way you can find out more easily which food and drinks can cause heartburn. For example, for some people it may be due to fresh orange juice or chocolate. In this way, you’ll know which foods and drinks you should avoid to prevent heartburn.

Also try the following things:

  • Try to eat smaller portions to find out if this reduces your symptoms.
  • Eat as little high-fat food as possible and avoid alcohol.
  • After eating, it is best to take it easy to digest your food. Do not lie down on the couch, because this can cause the stomach acid to rise.
  • If you often suffer from heartburn at night, raise the head of your bed. By doing this your chest is higher than your stomach and the symptoms can be reduced.


Do you still suffer from heartburn after trying these tips? Then there are other ways to reduce the symptoms. You can take stomach acid inhibitors and stomach acid binders. The production of acid is inhibited by stomach acid inhibitors. A stomach acid binder neutralizes and binds the acid in your stomach, causing the burning sensation to disappear. It is important to read the directions provided with the medication, before use. In some cases, there are side effects or the medication should not be used due to a pregnancy or vitamin B12 deficiency.

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