Why you shouldn’t wash your hands with soap or hand sanitiser too often

How often do you wash your hands with hand sanitiser or soap?

No one likes to get ill; you feel absolutely miserable and it always seems to happen at the most unfortunate of moments. You’re out of the running for a couple of days at least and there’s so much to catch up on when you’re back to full health again. To avoid getting sick in the first place, some people wash their hands with hand sanitiser or soap a lot. But this is actually not a very good idea…

You’d better go easy on the hand sanitiser.

Cleaning your hands

Of course, you’ll want to wash your hands after a visit to the toilet. We totally get that; it’s just the hygienic thing to do. But whether you should wash or disinfect your hands after every little task is a different story. In fact, you’ll benefit from not doing that too often.


Have you had very dry hands lately or have you even noticed little cracks in your skin? Then you might be using too much soap or hand sanitiser. Most hand sanitisers and soaps contain ingredients that will dry out your skin, like alcohol, for example. This extracts moisture from your hands and when you repeatedly use the sanitiser or soap, your hands can really start to get dehydrated. Some people’s hands get dehydrated so much that they get cracks or splits in their skin or cuticles.

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Source: PureWow | Image: Pixabay