Rumbling or bubbling belly? This is what it means


This is what a growling, rumbling or bubbling belly is telling you

You’re hanging on the couch after a nice dinner when suddenly your belly is making all sorts of disturbing noises: growling, rumbling or bubbling. What is this noise? There are many things that can cause this sound. That is why it is important to recognise the sounds that your belly makes, where the sound comes from, and what is causing it. In this article, we explain what it means when you have a bubbling belly.

Your belly can make a lot of noise sometimes.

1. Gasses

The most common and obvious cause of a bubbling belly is the movement of gasses in your bowels and/or stomach. Your digestive system, so your stomach and bowels, shrink and expand. This traps the gasses, which causes them to make noise. That is the bubbling sound you hear! The contents of your bowels, including gas, is being moved along by the small intestine and you can hear a rumbling or bubbling sound because of that movement. It is actually a kind of little fart, but then inside your belly.

2. Restless belly

A normal and healthy digestion should not make any sounds. Do you have a rumbling belly every evening when you sit down on the couch? Then it is possible that you’ve eaten something that your bowels don’t process all that well or maybe you have some problems with your digestion. Take a close look at your diet and remove the culprit from your meals. It could also be a sign of an allergy, gluten intolerance or lactose intolerance. Don’t you normally have a bubbling belly, but do you have one now? Then you may have eaten something that had gone bad, maybe you have diarrhea or perhaps you are suffering from a stomach flu.

3. Rumbling stomach

Did you eat and drink enough today? A grumbling belly could just mean that you are hungry. If you eat at a certain time every day, your stomach starts to prepare for the food by producing gastric juices and by tensing its muscles. Gorging your food can also cause your belly to rumble. When you don’t chew your food properly, a lot of air gets into your stomach, which can cause it to rumble.

4. Fibre deficiency

When you have a fibre deficiency, your stomach can start to bubble. This could be because you have a very one-tracked eating pattern that does not include a lot of fibre. Having too much fat, protein or carbs in your diet can also cause the bubbling in your belly.

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