Recognise a silent heart attack by these signals

silent heart attack

Sometimes, a heart attack passes unnoticed

We almost can’t believe this, but according to American research, nearly half of all heart attacks happen unnoticed. When someone doesn’t notice they’re having a heart attack, it’s called a silent heart attack. After having a silent heart attack, you’re three times as likely to die of heart failure or other health problems. So, even though you hardly notice it, it’s definitely dangerous! These are the signals that will help you recognise a silent heart attack.

It’s important to be able to recognise a silent heart attack.

Silent heart attack

It sounds inconceivable but it is possible to not notice a heart attack when you’re having one. Perhaps you feel a little more tired than usual, or you’re experiencing palpitations or excessive sweating – but these can also be symptoms of something completely different, of course. For example, these are also very common symptoms of the menopause. Because of this, many women as well as doctors won’t immediately think of heart disease in these cases.

Higher risk

After a silent heart attack, which happens more often in women than in men, you run a much higher risk of dying from heart failure or added complications. This was shown in an American study, which was published in Circulation, the magazine connected to the American Heart Association.

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